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Pool Inspections

No two pools are ever the same, your experience with one will likely be different from the next. In fact some pools I inspect were once great pools that for one reason or another took a turn for the worse. In other cases, the homeowner has done everything they were informed to do when the pool was built, and it's in pristine condition as a result. In an inspection, I can diagnose the problems with a pool today but also the problems you'll likely face in the future if changes aren't made. Getting your pool inspected is a process that when completed will provide a road map and clear expectations with your pool.

Project Management

From empty backyard to pool paradise, Culver Pools will manage the entire process, bringing true professionals to the site for each step. Rest assured, your pool will be built with only the right skilled labor doing the work, No 'Handymen Jack-of-all-Trades' here. Pool Electricians on electrical, Pool Plumbers on plumbing, Pool Tile Pros to lay tile, you get the picture.

Equipment Conversions

Are you paying too much to maintain your pool? You're not the only one. Most pool owners pay anywhere from $300-$1,300 more than they should to maintain their pool. In some cases it's a matter of having the correct equipment with improper settings, which is commonly discovered during a pool inspection. In other cases the owner wants a quieter pool or one that's more efficient, something the current equipment just isn't designed to deliver. It's time for new equipment. I've got good news though, new equipment will not only make owning the pool more enjoyable, but it could save you quite a bit of money year over year.

Pool Inspections

Inspecting Pools, So They Can Be Their Best!
Pool inspection history

In 1997, after working for 23 years in all aspects of the pool industry, Bob Culver took his high level of experience, expertise, and communication skills and began doing residential pool inspections, primarily for real estate transactions.

This facet of his business began at the request of a hand full of home inspectors who had the need to refer a competent pool expert with experience in all areas of the pool industry. To better serve their clients, they were in need of a specialized expert to recommend when they came across a pool that was too complex or had too many issues for them to adequately address. Since Bob’s first association with those first few home inspectors, Bob has completed over 2,500 pool inspections and developed working relations (and friendships) with the Los Angeles, and surrounding areas, top home inspectors, most prestigious real estate firms, highly reputable real estate agents, and business managers.

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Project Management


Building custom pools is a very rewarding experience for me. It allows me to share my knowledge of quality pools and build something for a client that will truly be a vacation destination right in their own backyard. To achieve the results my clients expect, shortcuts are not an option. Every aspect of the project is managed by Culver Pools, from the planning to the clean up. Each phase of construction is handled by a professional with the correct discipline. Never will you see a pool plumber doing electrical or a handyman doing tile work. To make the pool of your dreams requires exceptional craftsmanship from beginning to end.

Detailed Plans & Quality Materials

Skilled Professionals Working Together to Build a Work of Art

World Class Quality Shows in the Details

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Pool Equipment Conversions


Eco friendly pool equipment conversions

Bob has seen and been a part of an industry that has gone from basic rectangular or kidney shaped pools that were operated with a basic timer mechanism, to seeing back yard pools turned into “Works of Art” where the features are controlled with computerized systems that can enable home owners to use their cell phone to preheat their spa on the way home, or have a water feature or “light show” turned on when they get home.

The pool industry is yet again making significant changes, this time going “Green”. Enjoying nature and appreciating all of this worlds natural wonders has long been one of Bob’s passions. One of Bob’s goals is to be one of the industries front runners in this latest, and without a doubt, most important shift. It is Bob’s opinion that the shift is coming too slowly. For several years now pool equipment manufacturers have offered “Green” alternatives, but for whatever reason, many in the industry have been slow, and even reluctant, to offer those changes. Yes, it takes training and some effort to get familiar with the new equipment options but Bob Culver Pools Inc. is committed to having the expertise to not only to correctly install this new equipment, but also educate the pool owners how to operate this extraordinary energy saving equipment to its full potential.

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